Mental Health Mondays

A series of interactive, 5-10 minute videos of your mental, emotional, and relational health questions and answers. Join us Live on the Heidi Goehmann Writes Facebook page every Monday at noon (CST) for a new video. Find all the Mental Health Mondays videos on our YouTube playlist.

Featured topics this year:


Mental Health in the Family

Mental Health and Kids

Types of Therapy


The Truth About Mental Health – for us and for our children

“Our children won’t be perfect. We won’t be perfect. Often mental health is out of our control, out of their control; but it is never out of God’s control. He is in the realm of synapses and emotions and struggle too. He is God of even this- when it’s good, when it’s bad, and when it’s ugly.”

Jesus, Mental Health, and Shame

“If you or someone you know is seeing a psychiatrist, diagnosed with a mental illness, or is taking medication, know that they are fighting a real battle in our culture against shame…Our environments and life choices impact our mental health, but most often chemistry is the underlying cause of mental health concerns. This unwarranted shame is impacting those struggling every day.”

God's Grace & Healing after Sexual Assult

What healing does God offer after sexual abuse and assault? Why is it such a complicated trauma? Who can I turn to?

Jesus, a Quiet Place, and My Anxiety

“Our sensory systems and our anxiety are intimately connected. Take your average day with its normal life stresses: running people around, trying to help my husband organize a new church program, someone who needs to be visited on my to do list. Then enter 4:30pm…We need a moment. We need a moment with Him. We need to be by ourselves. We need a quiet place.”

Spiritual Care or Professional Help? When to contact Who...

This radio spot live streamed with KFUO answers questions of what resources are best for when people are struggling. When should someone talk to a pastor and when should someone talk to a psychologist, social worker, or counselor?

Autism, #27, and Inviting People In

“We had tried skating, yes, but we hadn’t added in the weight of a chest pad, too tight elbow pads, shin guards, and tightened skates. Throw in a cold arena and slippery ice and it’s a lot for kids, much less sensory challenged kids. Looking back I was pretty impressed that Zeke wasn’t just screaming like a banshee…”

My Old Friend, Anxiety

“I have tried for years to shake off the weight. Years ago a friend told me that “Do not be afraid…” is the most often given command in the Bible. So, I took it to heart and when anxiety would well up, I’d push it down, way down, telling myself over and over, “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid.” Sometimes I’d even take on a hearty “Lo, I am with you always…” The problem was, I forgot who was speaking…”

Clergy and Mental Health

“Above reproach” in the depths of my mind, hidden from even myself, meant keeping it together, being above turmoil, above struggle…above the junk. Then I opened my eyes…

Postpartum Anxiety – It’s real. I’m not crazy.

“I had a problem and I knew it. I felt fine three-quarters of the time and then the rush of panic would come on, intense, out of nowhere. It never had anything to do with my beautiful baby, my marriage, or anything meaningful. It just was. The anxiety and panic had its own realm, its own hold on my soul, and I felt like I would never escape it…”

Defying Shame

The role of shame in our lives and our mental health, and it’s impact on the community of God.

Murky Waters: Fear, Anxiety and Worry

What is the difference between fear, anxiety. and worry and how do they overlap? Where in our interpretations of Scripture and mental health resources are we confusing them?

Hiding in the Cubby Days: Redefining Anxiety

Through research and training, I try to offer a fuller definition of anxiety. It’s not meant to be a complete definition, but an open conversation, a re-contextualizing of the pieces of our experiences with anxiety and how we understand it.

Developing a Theology of Anxiety (and Why it Matters)

In this podcast episode and blog, we look at what God values rather than what the world around us values, and how it affects anxiety and the care we offer for anxiety, as well as mental health stigma in general.

Chamomile Tea and Hugs: Practical Tools for Anxiety

Simple ideas and ways to help someone struggling with anxiety, as well as addressing all those common Bible verses used for anxiety in spiritual care.

Mental Health Middle Readers

Because the goal of most modern middle readers is to address one or more aspects of things kids are actually going through, these stories introduce, with just the right amount of depth for most of us, many topics we could all use a little more education on and a little more perspective on.