Altogether Beautiful

Did you notice that Altogether Beautiful has become a bit more?

The Altogether Beautiful movement seeks to redefine the way we see beautiful. Altogether beautiful means that what is created by God is beautiful and what is redeemed by Him is absolutely beautiful. It also recognizes that we were created in relationship with God and with people, therefore we best understand beauty and all that is beautiful through our relationships. 

“When I studied and then wrote through the Song of Songs, I began to see that beauty has a lot less to do with pretty and a lot more to do with strength than we think. It has to do with a Savior, and is more intimately connected to His sacrifice and death than I can wrap my head around. It has to do with honor and kindness, even when it holds onto its very physical properties.

And it’s relational…

If you have a complicated relationship with the word beautiful, here is what I want to tell you:

God makes beautiful and God defines beautiful, I don’t get to. I want to believe Him instead, be covered by Him instead of my own ideas about my body and myself and this one word – beautiful, but we can only do that together.” — Heidi Goehmann,

Altogether Beautiful asks the questions –

What is the place of strength and beauty?

How can I begin to understand beauty by understanding God?

How do the people around me impact my understanding of my own beauty and the beauty around me?

What about all the ugly in this life…am I supposed to call that beautiful?

What has God done, for me, for my community, and in this world, that is beautiful and speaks beauty into my life?

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