The Mighty & The Mysterious

A 6-Week Study of Colossians and Life Together

Coming September 2019!

Who is this mighty and mysterious God?

How does God work in relationship and restoration?

How do we walk through the questions of life that overwhelm us?

How do we begin to create authentic life together in real, living, breathing community?

We were created by a relational God. Therefore we are people of relationships and connection.

God designed humans for community with Him when He created man and woman in His image. And He created us to be in community together when He created two people, and then four, and then more. We don’t roam this great big world on our own, whether in marriage, family, or friendship.

The question remains, though: if community is not merely a bonus, not an extra, but a piece of God’s plan, how do we actually move toward embracing connection? How do we throw off pretending at community and begin to do meaningful life together?

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