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Casting Stones

To everything there is a season and a purpose under heaven, so goes the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3. Casting Stones digs deep into this one chapter of Scripture, exploring the seasonal ebb and flow of life and wrestling with the place of difficult concepts like hate, uprooting, and tears in our lives. If you are in a season of joy or a season of struggle, Casting Stones will tend to your soul and send you throughout Scripture to find deeper meaning in each day. I Love My Shepherd studies have five days of study in the Word each week. Each day is a 15-20 minute read. Some days contain questions for exploration, while others leave more space for prayers and journaling, and engaging in the Scripture in creative ways. Gather to study with a group or enjoy a quiet moment, one-on-one with God. Intensely theological, while intensely practical, every time.

Find all of the Casting Stones videos here:

Free visual faith tools…beautifully designed by those in our study – use for journaling notes, prayer requests, and meditating on Scripture: