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Psalm 46 Podcast Series

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Dear Girls: He is not your Savior

Long before Jerry Maguire uttered the words “You complete me,” we as the human race have had a penchant to search for fulfillment in anything but Jesus. We look to achievement, entertainment, wealth, glory, excitement, and people to fulfill us, to build us up, to make us feel valued and worthy of our role and …

Dear Girls, He is Not Your Savior Podcast

I’ll be honest, middle school was not my finest. It was so difficult for me that when I started coaching a very fine group of 5-8th grade cheerleaders on a whim, I felt like I was stepping back into my 8th grade year and my internal anxiety was through the roof. Who really wants to do that…

Finally Finding My Knight on the White Horse

I, being a strong independent young one, fought this tooth and nail. I refused to recognize it, while I still searched high and low for it, usually in the most unhealthy places. I wanted someone to want me, yes, but I also wanted someone to rescue me…. 

Crews, squads, and friendship: the fight for genuine community

Finding the true meaning of friendship…it’s harder than we’d like, that’s for sure…                    

Dear College Student: Be Brave

This is a big thing you are doing, not a little thing. Jumping head first into the world. Entering the unknown, in order to know and be known deeper; learning, growing, becoming a truer version of yourself. Some days might be scary. Other days might be lonely…

Searching for the One Whom My Soul Loves: Singlehood, Womanhood, and the Church

When I was nineteen years old, I went on spring break from my small Christian liberal arts college, cut off my wildly curly hair to a quarter inch from my head, and swore off dating forever. I was done with a capital D. Let me explain. I had dated. I had sought…

Reaching the Next Generation

When we look at research, it usually feels like an overwhelming mass of information. Recently, Barna came out with a new body of research on Generation Z, people who were born between 1999 and 2015. I looked at the research, and my first thought was, “There are over a hundred pages here!”

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