Love Brave

This study is especially meant to reach those on the fringes of a relationship with God. Those who may know about Jesus but don’t know where to put Him. Those who know there is something better, something more in this life, but don’t know what it is. For others of you, this study will open the door to defining what real relationship looks like, what our hungry hearts truly long for, and why we so often feel disappointed with our relationships one moment and ecstatic about them the next. It will introduce you to a Hope that brings better and more to our relationships with those around us and to a God who loves brave all the way – brave enough to sacrifice everything for you in Faith, Hope, and Love.

We hope this is a study that will help you connect with those relationships around you, family, friends, and neighbors, that don’t want to be trampled by the Word, but would love to have a brave conversation about it.

Love Brave was our Fall 2018 Online Study. You can still see all the posts by starting here.